Brandon Barr – RMT, PTS

brandonPresident & Founder of F.U.E.L.

What Brandon brings to our team is a unique form of clinical experience with a wide variety of clients ranging from athletes, to persons with disabilities and chronic illnesses, and individuals looking to enhance their daily living through weight loss and strength trainging. Having participated as a high performance athlete himself, Brandon is familiar with the repetitive stress on the body and injuries from sports. He began his career working with high end athletics and expanded his clientele to work with everyday people after witnessing the high number of unhealthy, overweight and highly stressed individuals. He cares about reaching people from all walks of life that need his services the most.

Brandon’s educational background, years of practice and having participated as a high performance athlete allow him to understand his clients’ needs. With this understanding, he can properly assess and provide the correct, customized treatment plan to most effectively benefit the clients. He helps clients create better functional strength and overall daily performance through the use of Myofascial Release focusing on postural dysfunction. Brandon is committed to staying up-to-date on fitness trends and believes in continual personal growth to provide top notch services to clients.