About F.U.E.L.

F.U.E.L. Fitness & Massage is not just a massage clinic, or a personal training service. We are dedicated to the integration of both massage and fitness to achieve the desired results, customizing a program for each unique patient. Our programs are designed to be integrated approaches that address the causes, not just the symptoms, championing treatment of the problem ultimately resulting in alleviation of pain and dysfunction. By using specialized techniques in Myofacial release and postural re-patterning, we aim to address physical issues with the goal of empowering you with the energy for life. Secondly we build and introduce postural and strength training  programs for our clients to optimize the outcomes of your massage treatments.

Individual personal training sessions and programs are also an option!

** Please note: Our Therapists are 2200 Hr program graduates, and are available for billing to your personal and business health benefit plans.

For more information regarding our philosophy,
namely how we do this and what we believe, click here.